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What it's really like to quarantine with your dog.

It's mid-March of 2020. You're going about your usual routine (with a few lingering COVID-19 questions and fears) when all of a sudden, on the holiest of all days (March 17th AKA St. Patrick's Day), the government drops the hammer. All of Ontario is under a state of emergency and you are forced to now get day drunk in your apartment.

But wait, you're not alone. There is a four-legged hairy friend who is trying to get your attention. Shortly after the state of emergency, all off-leash dog parks, camp grounds, hiking trails were promptly and swiftly closed for the foreseeable future. And you, are left picking up the pieces explaining to your dog why you are not taking them to the dog park, to see friends, even on extended walks.

Being cooped up with your dog is a constant chain of interrupted zoom calls, bathroom breaks, workout sessions (ok, maybe not workout sessions :P), Netflix and no chill, cooking, cleaning. Really, any activity that involves movement. Or doesn't involve movement.

Bailey and I have still been finding the time to keep active in the house (tug-o-war, quarantine balcony fetch) and as of late, been extending our walks in less busy areas as well as secretly finding small patches of grass in quieter spots of the GTA to stretch her legs.

As tough as it is to quarantine, my heart really goes out to those who are A) working on the frontline risking their lives to protect everyone else B) those who are working on the frontline with families and children/dogs of their own! I've heard such horror stories about paramedics and nurses leaving their kids for weeks and months on end as to minimize the spread. These people deserve free gas and bar tabs for life, am I right? And lastly, C) To just anyone with a child right now.

Stay safe everyone. And remember, chocolate and wine are medicinal during quarantine.

Quarantine: A series

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