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Howl-o-ween: a dog's friend or foe?

Now that I have a dog, this is hands down my favourite time of year. Chocolate upon chocolate upon chocolate. The ridiculous amount of pet costumes at your fingertips. Did I mention the chocolate? And, fuck the fall leaves and the "crisp, fresh air". This is just something that people say (colder climate-goers) to make themselves feel better about the end of summer.

In order to have the best Halloween of your life, run to the nearest Halloween costume store, or more conveniently, order on amazon and shop all of the latest pet costumes. Learn from my mistakes, if you are shopping online, be careful to measure your dog's chest and neck properly and read reviews. If you're looking for one hell of a deal (and they do exist), sizing will be a huge issue. Some styles will fit smaller/larger and therefore your measurements won't exactly be correct. With proper measurements as well as customer reviews, you should be all set. Worst case scenario, you order a size too big, clips work wonders for photos. So does fattening your dog up with bacon.

If you don't want to spend your child's monthly allowance on a dog costume, search online for some Halloween inspo and hit up Dollarama. The top right photo was about $5. Mind you, it did require a little time but as you can see, worth it. In case you were wondering, she is a dirty martini. The plastic cone she already had from a previous vet visit and Dollarama took care of the rest. I painted 3 styrofoam balls to make them look like pimento olives and taped them on the inside of the cone. To finish off, I stuck a green pipe cleaner at the end and voila. James Bond would be proud.

Here are a few of my dog's most embarrassing Halloween photos: As you can see, she is smiling from ear to ear in every single picture.

What? There's not that many.... that's not even all of the photos of Bailey in Halloween outfits. Poor thing. Not to worry, she gets fairly compensated with bacon and/or dog biscuits.

Feel free to send us some of your dog's Halloween costumes for a special feature :)

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