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Snow Days with Puppy

I don't know about you but I HATE the cold, hate the snow, hate the layers of clothing that need to be slapped on before stepping foot outside. Two years ago, I would Uber Eats all of my meals and avoid going outside like the plague. BUT, now that I am no longer just me, I must drag my sorry ass into the Arctic Tundra.

Dearest Bailey, the love of my life, LOVES loves loves playing in the snow. She likes eating it, rolling around in it, pooping in it. She even likes getting all bundled up to go out and play in the snow. I am guessing it's because she knows she is going out to play in the snow but, her cozy Canada Pooch coat doesn't hurt either.

After she puts on her camouflage coat and her scarf and her harness, she is all set to go. I know some of you may be thinking, but what about her boots!? Bailey does not wear boots. Not because I am ignorant to the fact that there is salt on the roads that could hurt her paws. Not because I haven't purchased several different pairs and made her wear them. We got about as far as the front hallway before she has thrown at least 2 off in a fit of rage. The point is, she absolutely will not wear boots. Despite my efforts. She's a pretty savage girl though and I have never once seen her lift her paw. She ALWAYS gets wiped down when she gets inside and the intensive paw examination takes place for any salt and ice bits. So long story short, she is fine without boots. She would also be fine without a coat and scarf but, I like dressing her up and now that she has been accustomed to this, I believe she likes it to.

The wind and snow hits my face, it gets redder than hell and I slowly die inside. The only joy I get from this process is seeing Bailey's face jumping around in the snow and chasing 'snow funnels' or 'mini tornados'. When it's extra windy outside, the park creates these snow funnels that she not only loves chasing, but she loves running through them. Think of: the Tornado Experience games at just about every Dave & Buster type joint. It's the little things in life...

About 30-35 minutes of cheering her on and attempting to run with her through the park, it's go time. We are going home and we will be watching Netflix all night. This is mom's turn for fun. Bailey obliges and snuggles up on the couch until her last bed time pee.

End scene.

Still don't wanna go home.

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