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How to Celebrate Christmas with your Pup

It's December 1st and you know what that means, Ugly Christmas sweaters, eggnog, failed Christmas cookie baking attempts, Christmas music, wrapping and decorating. But, what about your Four-legged bestie? Where do they fit in all of this?

I get asked a lot, what I do with my pup over Christmas. Aside from the obligatory and obvious Christmas photoshoot (as seen below), Bailey has already started her festive attitude.

1. Dress for Success: Bailey is obligated to wear her ugly Christmas sweater out once a week. She is heavily rewarded with biscuits for enduring this walk of shame (as she sees it). BUT, I think she has actually started to wear her sweater loud and proud. Besides, she gets a ton of compliments which secretly makes her smile.

2. Decorate with your Bestie: Include your pup in Christmas traditions. For Bailey, this was her first Christmas tree. In her tiny sized condo, we managed to find a small but real tree which she insists she helped decorate. When I decorate, I MUST have a rum and eggnog, no question. Since, milk upsets Bailey's stomach and Nutmeg is highly toxic for dogs (I REPEAT, NUTMEG IS HIGHLY TOXIC FOR DOGS), I decided to embody Martha Stewart and make Bailey her very own eggnog cocktail (Recipe Below)

-- 1/2 small banana,1 cup unsweetened almond milk, ½ cup coconut milk, 4 pitted and chopped Medjool dates, Pinch of cinnamon.

I know I know, it sounds like a lot of work but one quick stop at Bulk Barn and you are good to go. Slap that all in a food processor and sprinkle with cinnamon et voila. New Christmas Pup Tradition complete.

3. Christmas-Friendly Dog Outings: Living in Toronto, Bailey enjoys the Christmas parade. Although we have to stand far back when Santa comes out. She is a little bit freaked out by his beard. The Toronto Christmas Market is another good one we plan to attend closer to Christmas. Hailey & Justin Bieber were there this past week after all, so she is dying to get in on that action.

4. Puppy Stocking: Bailey has her own Golden Retriever dog stocking thanks to one of my best friends. Shout out to Holly Fullager for this gem. I plan to fill it with toys and biscuits so she can open it on Christmas Day.

Before calling us crazy, dogs are just as much a part of our families as kids are, so why not truly include them in our lives and traditions?

Merry Woofmas xx

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