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Dog-friendly Hotels in Toronto

I know the struggle, you want to go away on vacation and stay somewhere nice. Whether you live in the GTA and are trying to get a mini escape or you live far away and intend to take a proper vacay, it’s never an easy thing to leave your pet behind.

I mean, people bring kids everywhere and as far as I know, no dog has every crayoned on the walls. Most people think that even if a hotel is dog-friendly, it means staying in a scuzzy dump. False.

After careful research, I have gathered a small list of Luxurious Pet-Friendly Hotels right in the heart of the city:

1. Hotel X: 11 Princes' Boulevard

Located just West of the City, this is a short cab ride away from anywhere you want to go downtown Toronto. They have a stunning rooftop pool with modern, luxurious rooms. Not a cheap place to stay with average rates around $300-$400 per night, it’s certainly a vacation splurge worth trying. Now, you can bring your pet, but you’re gonna pay. Their policy requires you to fill out a form upon check-in stating you will have a pet on the premise and pay a $100 ‘Deep Cleaning’ fee upon check-out. My gut feeling tells me most parties occurring in the rooms on any average night would require a deep cleaning fee as opposed to a little pup but, rules are rules.

2. Toronto Marriott City Centre: One Blue Jays Way

This is right across from the Rogers Centre! If you’re staying in the summer, you can walk to a Blue Jays Game. It is also incredible close to the ACC which houses hundreds of concerts and sporting events throughout the year. Within walking distance to most restaurants downtown, this has to be on the top of my list!

3. Novotel: 45 The Esplanade If you’re looking for a slightly more quiet and relaxing visit to the city, check out the Novotel. Located to the East of the City, this is right by the St. Lawrence Market along with Toronto’s best Jazz bar! Highly recommended in the summertime (St. Lawrence market brings their stands outside!) With rates averaging $200 a night, a pool and a service rating of 4.5 out of 5, I think this gem has to be on your list of pet-friendly hotels.

4. Shangri-La: 188 University Ave I don’t think it gets more luxurious or more central than this gem. Shangri-La boasts upscale glamour. Being a TIFF celebrity stay favourite, you can imagine the room amenities and service quality. This is certainly one of the more pricier options with average room rates hovering at around $500! AND, if you want to bring your better furry half, you can add an additional $135 on top of your regular room rate. I guess, you get what you pay for really takes a stand here.

There are surprisingly A LOT of Pet-friendly hotels in the GTA, you simply have to pay an additional fee to bring your four-legged bestie. The above list are a few of my favourites.

Take me with you!

Happy Travels with your Pup!

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