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Choosing the Best Collar or Harness for Your Dog

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

There is no good way to choose a collar or a harness for your pup. Just sit back and have another drink....

IF you're really desperate, to find the purrfect harness and this is your first time buying, take your doggo to the store. Petsmart (along with many other pup stores) actually let you take the harness and/or collar out of the package and try it on your pup. Yes, it does feel like a brief moment of shoplifting but it's worth the weird looks and package assembly hassle.

Ordering online is another option if you like a hella good deal (Amazon, E-bay). However, quality will definitely be at risk here as well as sizing. Personally, you can just forget about me busting out a tape measurer and measuring my dogs waist and neck etc. She simply thinks I am trying to kill her with this weird looking snake.

If your dog pulls: A front-pull harness is the way to go. This means the leash loop will be at the front essentially restricting some chest and front paw movement. But be warned, IF your dog really wants to pull, they will still pull. This just lessens the blow and avoids a possible arm dislocation.

If you have a tiny nugget, you may want to try the padded harness with the leash loop around the back. Stylish AND comfy.

Last but not least, if your dog pulls like a savage, you may want to try the nose harness. Halti is a popular brand I would recommend. After having bought the Halti and trying it on my 1 year old Golden Retriever, we didn't make it outside without her getting it off despite adjusting it super tight. This is best if your dog isn't a stubborn prat or you have begun this method as a wee puppy.

PS Prong & Choke collars are pretty medieval. Only professionals who use good quality materials and really know how to use them should. So stay away :)

Happy Walking :)

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